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The renovation project for Guocui Primary School

Guocui Primary School covers an area of 10,327 square meters and has a building area of 6,488 sqm. In 2021, they had a need to renovate the playground and paid special attention to the artificial turf for its football field.


To help develop the children's interest in football, Bellinturf chose a five-a-side football pitch specification with the artificial grass of Bellin-Freeinfi system. 


The choice of system was based on the fact that it will be played by elementary students, who are young and energetic, so quality and performance while ensuring safety were highly concerned.


artificial grass pitches


Bellin-Freeinfi system is such a high-quality product for soccer and it does not require any rubber infill material inside. There is a special base consisting of a dense layer of short curled fiber at the bottom that takes over the performance of the infill material. Bellin-Freeinfi can offer superior performance in strength, resilience, and wears resistance. Whenever you want performance, safety, versatility or durability, Bellin-Freeinfi has you covered! 


“Bellinturf is a responsible company and we are very satisfied with their capability to understand what we need.” said the Principal of Guocui Primary school. “It is very important to children that being play on a safe surface just like Bellin-Freeinfi. That’s why we are getting with Bellinturf.’’


The benefits of sports are widely recognized, from improving health and well-being to giving young people positive activities and opportunities to live meaningful life. And Bellinturf is confident in providing more artificial grass pitches to benefit the younger generation by enabling them to participate in sports more frequently and safely. 


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