Overall Quality Assurance

Bellinturf is fully committed to creating superior quality for our customers.

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High quality raw materials

Advanced manufacturing, equipment and production process
Professional and experienced teams
Trusted overall quality control system

ISO Quality Management System

According to the ISO 9001 standard, there are many principles of quality management, including customer-focus, the motivation and involvement of top management, the process approach and continuous improvement.

Bellinturf has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification and proven to manufacture consistent, good-quality products and provide the best services.

20210901093436744.webp Stand on customers points of view

20210901093436744.webp Set the customers at the center

20210901093436744.webp Meet the customers' requirements

20210901093436744.webp Achieve customers' satisfaction

ISO Quality Management System
QC,QA,QE Whole Process Monitoring of Quality

Bellinturf has set up a professional team to implement the strict testing standards for all processes including materials purchasing, yarn-extruding, tufting, coating, packaging and shipping.

100% product inspection to ensure consistent delivery of high quality products.

Bellinturf has established a complete quality management system, and attaches great importance to supply, maintenance and after-service support.

Bellinturf's quality control system is fully recognized by both authorities and customers.

Bellinturf has obtained many qualifications such as ISO, BSCI, ICS, Sedex, and has passed the factory technical audit by certain European supermarket clients as well as a social responsibility factory audit by American customers, and the "5s" factory audit by Japanese clients.


Control processes


Work instructions




Quality records

Consistently Supply High Quality Product


Durability is the key factor that could affect the service life of artificial turf. 

Bellinturf can offer extremely durable artificial turf systems.

The sport systems of Bellinturf keep a high level of wear resistance which can ensure a minimum of thirty thousand cycles, and the high abrasion resistance products can get nearly three hundred thousand cycles testing.

UV Stability

UV stability can protect the artificial turf systems maintaining good appearance and playing characteristics against the sunlight. Bellinturf provide powerful UV defence products which maintain a 4-5 Grey scale after artificial weathering.

Reliable health & safety




Quality is Pride

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