Landscape Turf

Bellinturf has rich experience in the development, design and production of landscaping artificial turf products which meet the needs of different applications.
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Our Advantage

We are committed to providing more professional products and high quality services to meet the diversified needs of our customers. We are also committed to constantly exploring and researching products which meet industry trends and market demand, making customer satisfaction our priority.

Green & healthy turf system

Bellinturf artificial turf has successfully obtained the European CE certification, strictly followed the EU ROHS regulations, and passed a number of tests on harmful heavy metals and harmful substances by REACH, which is true health and safety.

Various yarn types, colours and backing

Bellinturf designs and matches different types and colors to meet the needs of different world markets.

Specialised products for different climatic conditions

Bellinturf has deeply investigated the geography and humanities around the world to design and develop hundreds of different types of yarn and turf systems with different functions which can meet the needs of various regions.

Accurate advice for different product requirements

Bellinturf takes its customers requirements as guidance and always designs products from the perspective of the customer and remains at the leading edge in the landscaping artificial turf industry.

Wide range of applications

With its natural colour and soft touch, Bellinturf landscaping artificial turf is an ideal alternative to natural grass. Our products can be used in a wide range of applications, including residential, playground, commercial, DIY and more.

Develop product add-on functions

As artificial turf is becoming more widely used, there are additional functions for artificial turf, and Bellinturf has successfully developed high permeability pet grass, anti-bacterial and anti-mould kindergarten grass, anti-static grass and cool grass.

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