R&D Achievement

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The focus of Bellinturf is on the continuous development of product innovation and technology. Up to now, Bellinturf has obtained a lot of authorized patents and as a certified manufacturer for FIFA and FIH, Bellinturf's artificial turf conform to these and other federation industry standards. We also meet REACH, RoHS, EU EN-15330 and CE standards, and pass the third party testing from independent testing houses like LABOSPORT, SGS, and SPORTS LABS.
R&D Achievement
Bellinturf variety of customized products, such as high wear resistant turf, high temperature resistant turf, high flame retardant turf and various of yarns based on the industrial and customers' requirements. At the same time, Bellinturf have plenty of different shapes and colors of turf for customers to choose from. All the above mentioned products use raw materials in full accordance to FIFA standards as well as the standards of other sporting federations.

To solve the industrial threats and challenges, Bellinturf already developed 100% recyclable artificial turf and non-fill artificial turf with positive market feedback. 

The best-selling products such as Bellin-GRE, Bellin HD-Turf, Bellin-Hero, and Bellin-Strength developed by Bellinturf made an important contribution to health safety and environmental protection.
Bellin GRE
Bellin-Cool Grass
Bellin Hero
Bellin Supereal