Rugby Turf

Bellinturf rugby turf is the perfect system for pitches with superior performance, ultimate playing experience, high safety and outstanding reputation for quality.
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Fierce High Impact Sports

Rugby was started back in 1823 and is becoming ever more popular around the world. As a high impact ball game, the ideal rugby turf system needs to focus not only on performance, but also on player safety.

Rugby turf field
Rugby turf field

Bellinturf Rugby Turf Series
With Perfect Playing Characteristics

Quality certified by World Rugby in accordance with WR22 

Ultimate player experience with extreme durability and superior resilience rugby turf.

Product application covers all player levels (competitions, training, community activities)

Recommended Rugby Turf System

Impact Attenuation (HIC)

Tuft Withdrawal 

Vertical Deformation




Shock Absorption

Energy Restitution

Vertical ball rebound




  • Bellin Evolution
    Bellin Evolution
  • Bellin-Hybrid 60P
    Bellin-Hybrid 60P

High performance, safety, excellent experience, high quality

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