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Development & Innovation

According to the AMI report, the artificial turf industry value (only the turf product excluding the installation) is estimated at €3 billion with an annual increase rate of around 10%. There will be a very good development prospect in the artificial turf industry. Recently with the development and innovation of technology, artificial turf gained more and more acceptance and popularity. Currently as the global second largest manufacturer in the industry, Bellinturf has also developed rapidly, showing high competitiveness.
Development & Innovation
Professional Team
Professional Team

The professional R&D team enables Bellinturf to respond to the market quickly. The strong production capacity enables Bellinturf to supply products and services to over 100 countries around the world. The professional marketing team enables Bellinturf to win the trust of global customers. The Corporate Value “Integrity, Passion and Innovation” makes Bellinturf more appealing to clients. The Corporate Mission of “Making sports more splendid and the world more beautiful” makes the products and services of Bellinturf more desirable. The Corporate Vision “Pursue legendary quality and create hundreds years brand” enables Bellinturf to have a more sustainable development power. Cooperation to win is Bellinturf's concept which never changes. Do not hesitate any more, Cooperate with us!

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We Provide all the Necessary Services

Marketing support

Marketing collateral design
Label and packaging design

Operational support

Field design

Technical support

Products choosing 
Installation guide
Maintenance guide

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We are open and flexible on the business model without any agency fees.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will solve any purchase problems in a timely and effective manner.

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Why collaborate

Customer Feedback

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    What a nice padel court

    We know how popular the sport of Padel is becoming here in the UK and this new Padel Turf from our supplier is looking stunning and playing even better! We look forward to our continued collaboration with Bellinturf a quality supplier leading the world in turf production!!

    William Allan
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    We have trust on Bellinturf
    Your quality and service is very good,we didn’t receive any complaints.We value our relationship and we have trust on Bellinturf.
    A customer from India
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    Very satisfied with Bellinturf

    I’m deeply impressed with excellent quality of Bellinturf’s products,being satisfied with the service of Bellinturf.

    We hope that Bellinturf will continue to grow and prosper in the future.

    A customer from Guatemala
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    Bellinturf offers quality products
    Bellinturf always provide the best quality and certified products.Bellinturf’s grass is all certified and preferred in Jordan target.
    A customer from Jordan
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    Bellin-Hero,a hero product

    After installation the field we get the feedback from players that it is excellent and comfortable.

    They feel very good playing on the surface which they have not felt before in any other brand turf field.

    A customer from India
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    Excellent cooperation experience

    The grass from Bellinturf still has excellent performance after many years use.

    We are satisfied with Bellinturf

    A customer from Thailand
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    Why choose Bellinturf

    I use the grass field almost every day ,and the grass’s performance and upright is still be good.

    That’s why I choose Bellinturf.

    A customer from Thailand