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The new branch of Shanghai East Hospital in Qingdao

The Shanghai East Hospital, affiliated to Shanghai Tongji University School of Medicine was founded in 1920.  In 2021, they built a new branch in Jiaozhou, Shandong Province, with an area of 99.1 acres, and 1,000 beds planned.

They had 7000 sq. meters on the north-facing slope of the hospital to install artificial turf, which is way tougher to put in than on a common flat surface.

胶州医院内页配图尺寸 宽度1100高度不限.jpg

"All of the turf, glue and other materials have to be transported by crane, and workers are unable to stand on the slope, considering the lawn installation was required to be done on a steep slope" said Jack, Manager of the Bellin-installation team. "In addition, the materials could not be put in place once due to the distance between the ground and the slope, which also has greatly increased the workload."

After rigorous analysis, the Bellin expert team was confident in delivering a perfect project to customers. They came out with a solution that they'd placed on safety belts to support them standing on the slope and finish the installation on time successfully.

胶州医院内页配图尺寸 宽度1100高度不限-1.jpg

"The initial response we saw for the entire project is incredible! It is awesome!" exclaimed the director of Shanghai Oriental Hospital. "It is a fantastic way to bring these unhumanistic hospital buildings to life."

With the beautiful turf installed, the whole hospital area looks alive, and patients will feel more positive. The team of Shanghai East Hospital Jiaozhou was very satisfied with Bellinturf's products and service, and looked forward to collaborating with Bellinturf again in the future.

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