Commercial Turf

Bellinturf commercial turf series of products are recommended for diversified and customized commercial grass applications with superior performance, eco-friendly and cost-effective features.
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Create green, eco- friendly beautiful scene in city!

Better Choice for Public Areas

Due to the complex environment, the artificial turf in public areas needs to cost-effective but at the same time have a longer service life.

Bellinturf commercial turf can meet these requirements with high quality, simple installation & maintenance and stable anti-UV chratcteristics.

  • Commercial turf
  • Commercial turf


UV stability



Low maintenance

Superior performance


Playgrounds,play areas,family gatherings, public entertainment venues and other high-activity applications.
  • Commercial Turf
  • Commercial Turf
  • Commercial Turf

Recommended Commercial Turf

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Creating a green and convenient city view!

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