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Fans of football? Let's enjoy football games with Bellinturf!

With the FIFA World Cup kicked off, the whole world is in the grip of a football frenzy. The World Cup of 2022 has ended, but football enthusiasm is still high. As one of the most influential sports in the world, the football game has strict requirements for the pitch performance and there is no doubt that a high-performance playing field is critical for players. 

artificial sports turf

With the development of technology today, artificial turf and football are an excellent combination that offers multiple benefits, which has made it a popular choice for soccer fields around the world.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of artificial grass fields.

Suitable for all weather conditions

Artificial turf doesn't turn into muck during periods of heavy rain. Due to the properties of itself, football games can be played all year round regardless of the prevailing weather conditions, even in heavy rainfall or freezing winters.

No maintenance required

Unlike real grass pitches, artificial football fields don’t require a lot of maintenance since there is no work to mow, trim, fertilise and water an artificial football pitch.

More durable than natural grass

Artificial football fields have a longer lifespan than natural fields, able to withstand wear and tear for tens of thousands of hours. It also keeps its beautiful appearance for a long time due to the UV-resistant and color-fast fibres.

Keep Your Players Safe

There are no holes or protuberances on artificial turf that hinder players' movement, and the fibers are all the same length. The combination of soft turf fibres and infill underlying the fibres also absorb shocks and reduce impact. Sometimes, shock pad layer is added under the artificial grass. This also reduces injuries risk, when players fall.

Bellinturf has been classified as a certified manufacturer since 2017 by FIFA and has made its mission to developing more professional and reliable turf systems and serve the world markets better. If you're seeking a high-performance field, consider the well-developed BELLIN turf system for an unparalleled sporting experience.

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