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What is a FIH Certified Manufacturer?

FIH Certified Manufacturers are companies that specialize in the manufacturing of hockey turf. These companies have a proven ability to manufacture hockey turf to the standards the game requires, operate quality management systems to ensure consistency in their products and provide comprehensive maintenance advice to customers purchasing their products.

Why Choose a FIH Certified Manufacturer?
For competition organizers, field certification provides proof that the field is suitable for relevant levels of competition and is of a standard quality.
For those investing in hockey fields, certification provides independent assurance that the field has been built to the quality levels recommended through the use of approved products and proper design methodology, thus ensuring the longevity and sustainability of the facility.
For facility owners, field certification demonstrates that the facility is suitable for professional hockey and helps reduce their potential liability in the event of an accident occurring.
For players, field certification provides confidence that the field has been designed and constructed to allow hockey to be played safely.
Why Choose a FIH Certified Manufacturer?


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