Multi-sports Turf

With more than 10 years of professional production experience in various sports applications, Bellinturf develop and manufacture high performance multi-sports turf products.
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Multiple Function, Space Saving, Budget Friendly

The multiple sports field is popular for schools, communities and clubs due to the benefits of maximum usage at a reasonable cost so great value. Compared with one sport-specific artificial turf surface, the multi-sports field is generally used more frequently and does not require elite playing characteristics.
  • Muti-sports turf field
  • Muti-sports turf field
  • Muti-sports turf field

Dedicated to Developing, Designing and Manufacturing Superior Multi-sports Turf Products.

Bellinturf believe that accommodating multiple sport applications is as important as to ensure a superior playing performance. Bellinturf multi-sports turf system is suitable for a variety of sports to be played on with superior playing performance, extra durability and player safety.

Unique yarn & high density ideal for high utilisation fields

Outstanding sports performance

Extreme durability & extended life.

Outstanding softness & safety to play on

Perfect system for each application

More environment friendly & economical without rubber infill

Recommended Multi-sports Turf System

  • Winner set
    Winner set

    Turf of Monofilament yarn ,ideal surface for tennis and cricket  

  • Winner one
    Winner one
    Turf of fibrillated yarn,Price performance first
  • Multisports 15
    Multisports 15
    Turf of curl yarn,excellent surface flatness
  • FreeInfi K30
    FreeInfi K30

    Free-infill turf with Monofilament and curl yarn,to ensure maximum safety of athletes

Ideal Solution For Multiple Sports Field

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