Social Responsibility

This football turf is sponsored by Bellinturf ---“National Youth Football Championship”

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Responsibile to Investors

With 12% Global market share from AMI report, Bellinturf is the No.1 manufacturer with the highest market gains in artificial turf volume since 2017.

Bellinturf is also the ONLY manufacturer in annual output growth rate on both turf and yarns of over 66%.

Responsibile to Employees

Bellinturf always adhere to the concept of "good customer service is the foundation of good employees service", and attach great importance to the care, development, guidance and motivation of every employee.

Responsibile to Customers

Provide the highest quality products;

Respect all customers;

Provide customized service;

Attach importance to keeping promises and maintain good communication in a sincere manner 

Responsibile to Society

Practice Bellinturf's mission of social responsibility and contribute to the development of the sports industry and the wellbeing of the players.

Assist China's education and provide artificial turf pitches for minority nationalities regions.

Responsibile to Environment and Sustainable Development

Bellinturf always attach great importance to environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.

So we carried out a series of control measures in factory management.

Bellinturf participated in the training "WWF Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme Starter", aiming to doing a good job in energy saving and emission reduction, and continues to promote low-carbon improvements.

Bellinturf successfully have developed 100% recyclable artificial turf series named Bellin-GRE.

It can be fully blended with hot-melt granulation and reused, effectively solving the environmental issues caused by the increased volume of abandoned artificial turf.

The Responsible & Sustainability-focused Company

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