Playground Turf

If you are looking for the most environmentally friendly and highest quality playground turf, choose Bellinturf playground turf series, choose green harvest, enjoy life, and enjoy nature.
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Better Play Experience!

Ensure a Better Playing Experience

Bellinturf playground turf is designed with good upright, resilient, wear resistance and manufactured according to stringent safety standards including REACH and RoHS. The playground surface system is installed with proper padding and suitable infill to ensure the turf system reaches GMAX and HIC standards which are completely safe for kids to enjoy.


Reliable health & safety


Wear resisting

Colour variety

Customizable pattern


Playgrounds, play areas, back yards, public entertainment venues with high traffic.

  • Playground turf
  • Playground turf
  • Playground turf
  • Playground turf
  • Playground turf
  • Playground turf

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Better play experience!

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