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Learn about the key points of artificial grass installation and maintenance, and use the product better to create more value

How to install artificial grass----invest it wisely

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Artificial grass does have multi-benefit such as saving time, or water. However, in this article we will not go over its benefit. Yet, we are going to tell you some general steps about process of artificial grass installation. Honestly, installation depends on product or projection details, which also brings different cost. Therefore, if you have any demand for artificial grass, or specific question about artificial grass installation for which project. You can go through our website.

Tool of artificial grass Installation

Artificial turf roll Geo-textile roll Lawn glue 
Jointing tape(self-adhesive )Jointing tape(without glue )Cutter
Measuring tape Broom brush U-shaped staples & straight nails 
Brush Mallet Groomer

**Non-adhesive jointing tape should be used with glue 

**The sell-adhesive jointing tape can be sued directly 

Something you should know before the artificial grass installation

1. The ground must be flat, solid, 100% dry. A wet ground is strictly prohibited before the installation of the lawn 

2. The temperature of the environment during installation must be higher than 5 degree Celsius, in the event of rain and snow, immediately stop laying the turf and use a tarp to cover the turf that has been installed so as not to alter the grip of the glue. 

3. Use U-shaped staples and straight nails for sand ground. 

Lawn glue should be used on the concrete floor. 

Caution: lawn glue should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry place. 

Keep this product out of the reach of children. 

Prohibition: the installation of artificial turf must not be done near a heat source, such as a glazed hedge, window or inflatable object that can channel light and heat to a specific point on the turf. The turf will be retracted immediately under the effect of heat without being able to be repaired. 

Preparation work for artificial grass installation

1. Weed and completely clean the soil 

2. Compact the soil 

3. Laying with sand 

4. Wet soil 

5. Compact and level the sand 

6. Laying the geo-textile 

7. Laying the turf 

  1).Place the lengths edge to edge, and join them perfectly 

  2).Always positions the fibres in the same direction for a perfect aesthetic result. 

  3).After the 24 hours, follow the lawn seam lines 

  4).Always cut between lines of the grass 

  5).Applying the adhesive tape 

  6).Laying the tape without adhesive with glue 

  7).Junction with non-adhesive tape 

    ✔Place the tape under the junction of 2 rolls 

    ✔Put glue on it 

    ✔Place the 2 sides of grass on the glue 

    ✔Make sure the junction is correct 

  8).Junction with adhesive tape 

    ✔Position the tape under the junction of the 2 rolls, face up the adhesive side. 

    ✔Remove the protective film from the adhesive side. 

    ✔Place the 2sides of the grass on the adhesive side. 

    ✔Make sure the junction is correct 

8. Check that all the joints properly glued by flicking with a mallet  

24 hours: junction of the 2 grass strips

Secure to the ground 

Finished: straighten the lawn 

Invest it wisely

From residential and playgrounds to top quality putting green turf and field turf, artificial grass is getting more and more popular rather than real grass because of the lower cost, but you have to take very serious decision about installation in your project. Therefore, there are few factors you need to take into account such as square meters, and labor costs. Moreover, we also provide professional service for your project: