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How does artificial grass protect players?

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As with any form of sport, injury is always a key issue for players. A serious injury can take a good player off by one week or gaming season, even his entire career life. Luckily, artificial grass brings several technologies to protect our players. 

1. Softer landing

Rubber is one of the artificial grass components. Rubber is much softer to fall on than hard ground, which can reduce the risk of breaking a player bones. 

2. Shock absorption: 

Nowadays, some of artificial grass designs for sports field often include shock absorption, which can reduce the chance of injury with force. For example, in the rugby or football game, players often tackle each other to the ground with great force, which can injure a player by sometimes. Thus, shock absorption can limit how much damage is done, making injuries less common. 

3. Removal of Holes: 

In some high intensity games, grass fields could be damaged quickly by players, and it can turn it into a muddy mess with holes. That could put the player into a very dangerous situation. Once a player stumbles into a hole, it could cause serious injury, such as breaking their ankles or leg. However, artificial grass could remove that situation because of the network of meshes that are interlocked together to create the field. 

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