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Introduction of Backing System

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In common sense, the appearance of the turf includes weight the color and composition of yarn, density and pile height. Moreover, it is also a standard of judgment on the quality of artificial grass. However, people often ignore the back system of artificial turf because the quality of back system cannot be shown on the appearance of turf but it is one of the major factors to decide how the quality of artificial grass is.

What’s the backing system of artificial grass? 

Accordingly, backing system is divided into primary backing and secondary backing. Primary backing, known as the first layer, is a nonwoven textile, and is normally manufactured from polypropylene. Secondary back is made from either latex or polyurethane.

 Why backing system is important to artificial grass? 

 Because of two layers, especially secondary back could hold everything together and withstand as well as recover from foot traffic. In another word, it acts like glue; it also gives the fake grass its rigidity, and makes the fibers remain upright. Therefore, backing holds the grass blades in place; it also can prevent them from being pulled out and gives the grass strength and durability. 

However, if manufacturers reduce the amount of latex (or polyurethane) used in the secondary of their backing material, this is an easy way of cutting costs as the backing will not appears to make any difference from that of good quality artificial grass. Thus, artificial grass with poor quality backing will cause yarn to be detached from the backing. This will result in a pile that progressively thins over time, creating a patchy, thin artificial lawn with fibers that are unable to recover from foot traffic due to the sparse pile. 

What is the advantage of artificial grass with good quality backing system?

The artificial grass with good quality backing as below: 

1. Prevent the backing materials from separating 

2. Strong primary layer of polypropylene membrane 

3. UV resistant provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

4. The higher the quantity of latex, the stronger the backing will be, and the less chance there will be of it breaking, cracking, or the two layers separating entirely. 


We have two primary categories of latex, SBR latex and PU latex.As for the SBR latex, guaranteed carpet tuft withdrawal, strong ability to operate, low-cost, material is easy to purchase but is not eco-friendly.   

As for the PU, it is controlled by big equipment, eco-friendly, certificated by developed countries where mostly in Northern American regions. It also has high requirement for equipment but hand-operation is kindly difficult as well as sole material.