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Snow and Artificial Turf

artificial grass and turf solutions

The winter has always been gloomy and cold. As bone-chilling temps temperatures and snow arrive, the question arises: Will snow damage my turf? The answer is no! 

Some people might worry that the cold weather conditions will damage their lawn in the backyard, but not those with artificial turf in place of natural grass. Artificial turf can withstand the harshest winters and can even be enjoyed during the winter months if properly maintained.

There are numerous advantages to artificial turf when compared to natural grass. Firstly, artificial grass is made up of multiple layers, which allow it to have excellent drainage properties, as well as to be highly resistant to ice, snow, and freezing temperatures. Another benefit of artificial grass is that it doesn't need to be weeded and it won't wither in the autumn and winter. It remains evergreen all year round.

Despite the fact that the fiber of turf may be frozen just like natural grass, it will not damage the fiber and the color of the turf will not fade as well. So once it thaws out, it'll look as lush and green as ever.

While artificial turf's superior properties make you worry less about your backyard during the winter, we still advise all homeowners with artificial grass to properly care for it throughout the season:


Do not use any harsh chemicals like anti-freeze products on your artificial lawn. They can be caustic and reduce the drainage capacity of the turf. If you want the snow to melt faster, you can pour warm water on the snow. 


If you encounter a lot of snow, which will make it difficult to melt naturally. Remember that you can use a plastic shovel to remove snow or ice from your artificial lawn if you attempt to do so and avoid using metal shovels as they have a greater chance of damaging the fibers.

artificial grass & turf solutions

Artificial turf is an excellent landscaping solution for homeowners in areas with extreme weather conditions, as its ability to withstand anything from the driest climate to snowstorms. If you're looking for a low-maintenance landscaping solution that will stay evergreen and nice, look no further than BELLINTURF artificial turf! Contact us today to learn more about our innovative turf products and comprehensive support services.