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BELLINTURF Receives Canton Fair Design Award 2022

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The 131st Canton Fair opened online on April 15. The ten-day fair features over 2.9 million products from 16 categories highlighting innovation, green development, etc. 

As the only turf industry company to be named to this list, Bellinturf's  Bellin-Supereal turf with special technology and unique design has been unanimously recognized by judges and won the Canton Fair Design Award 2022, ahead of many outstanding products. 

Canton Fair Design Award

Canton Fair Design Award dedicates to selecting cutting-edge products perfectly combining design and market value, and presenting the charm of design with innovation, high quality, sustainability and humanistic care to the world. This certificate is granted to the product that wins the recognition of the jurors from 13 countries and regions in 2022.

 "Bellinturf is already a two-time CF Award winner with the Bellin-Supereal from this year and our Bellin-GRE series in 2020, and we are incredibly grateful for this recognition. The exhibition this year  showcases outstanding products, and inspires us to do more and be better" said the general manager of Bellinturf.


Bellinturf developed non-directional yarns with Supereal Yarn Technology to combine traditional straight and curl yarn, making Bellin-Supereal look and feel more natural than traditional artificial grass. Additionally, the Bellin-Supereal are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and have passed a variety of testing standards. This unique artificial grass is suitable for all garden, terrace and landscape applications.


The Bellin-GRE (Green, Recyclable, Eco-friendly) uses a special recyclable backing with absolutely NO SBR or PU. It has super high performance with unique transparent backing, being more environmental-friendly and safe, always caring for the health of your family.

As an industry leader in the artificial grass industry, Bellinturf is recognized as a responsible and reliable partner by customers with a high level of product quality, innovative R&D, and superior experience to make sports more splendid and the world more beautiful.