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Bellin-football pitch in Ireland achieved FIFA Quality certification

The football pitch for Letterkenny Rovers FC in Ireland has recently received FIFA Quality certification. 

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It chose Bellinturf’s Hybrid60P system for the pitch which meets international sports performance standards of FIFA. This stunning, natural-looking playing surface strikes the best combination between wear resistance, player comfort, and sport performance.


Bellin-hybird60P is specially designed for football turf with Triple Spine Shape providing resilience and strength at the same time. The fiber is based on Bellinturf fiber technology resulting in exceptional split resistance compared to conventional turf fiber. This grass system is excellent with the performance of the sporting surface in terms of ball roll, ball bounce, resistance, and sliding friendliness.

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The quality, performance, safety and realistic appearance have all been independently tested, for certification by FIFA governing bodies and also trusted by other third-party organizations. In 2013, Bellinturf was awarded the FIFA Licensee and up to now the FIFA-certified pitches with Bellinturf football turf systems have been installed throughout Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

During this project COVID made things even more challenging, "Bellinturf is an extremely responsible company!” positive feedback from the club, “Even under the high pressure, Bellinturf team handles everything with a positive attitude and we’re so happy to work with them.” 

Bellinturf always remain customer-focused and proactive in delivering a satisfactory project. As a comprehensive supplier of artificial turf sports solutions, Bellinturf will better serve the world markets by developing and manufacturing more professional and reliable turf systems.