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Football pitch in Isrel recevied FIFA Quality certification

We are delighted to share that the Ashkelon Municipal Football Field in Israel has officially received FIFA Quality certification, confirming its outstanding performance and adherence to football pitch standards.

artificial football turf.jpg

The football field adopts the Bellin-Evolution Plus System, which is specially designed for football turf with three durable spines providing resilience and strength at the same time. This system is excellent with the performance of the sporting surface in terms of ball roll, ball bounce, resistance, and sliding friendliness.


Israel is a large market for artificial grass with the drivers being the high and rising price of water, an affluent middle class, and a well-organised approach to promoting soccer. 'It has been an honor to be part of the Ashkelon Municipal Football Stadium Project, witnessing its FIFA quality certification and its positive impact on the Ashkelon football community. I am looking forward to being part of more local projects in the future!'' The project manager of Bellinturf reaffirmed the commitment of us to supporting the sport in Israel moving forward.

In 2013, Bellinturf was awarded the FIFA Licensee and up to now the FIFA-certified pitches with Bellinturf football turf systems have been installed across six continents around the world, providing high-quality football turfs for schools, clubs, and communities. Bellinturf will consistently bring health and happiness to people, while also gradually contributing to the development of sports in the future.