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Market Status

After more than 10 years of rapid development, Bellinturf have been recognized by the industry. AMI's latest 2020 report data shows that Bellinturf ranks No.2 in the world with a market share of 10%. Since 2017, Bellinturf have been the fastest growing manufacturer in the global artificial turf industry with a annual growth rate of over 66% in turf production.

Technology R & D

Bellinturf pay special attention to the sustainable development of product innovation and technology. Up to now, Bellinturf have obtained over 50 authorized patents. As a certified manufacturer of FIFA and FIH, Bellinturf comply with these and many other sporting federation industry standards, as well as REACH, RoHS, EN-15330 and CE standards.
FIFA Certification
For competition organizers, field certification provides proof that the field is suitable for relevant levels of competition and is of a standard quality.
Third-party Certification
Under the ISO standard management, Bellinturf has been audited by many third parties, including: BSCI, ICS, SEDEX, WFSGI, QSA, WCA, and etc.