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Bellin-football pitch in Greece achieved FIFA Quality certification

We are proud to announce that the football field FILIKON OF TRIPOLI, located in Kartsovis Greece, has successfully passed the rigorous testing and received the FIFA Quality certification. This remarkable achievement marks our sixth FIFA-certified football field in Greece, and we are excited that our Bellin Stem 60120 SBR has contributed to reaching this milestone.

Bellin  FIFA artificial turf

Bellin Stem 60120 SBR

The Bellin Stem 60120 SBR, one of our flagship products, combines special yarn technology with unparalleled shape fibers design to provide an optimal playing experience. With its superior shock absorption, excellent durability, and super resilience, the Bellin Stem 60120 SBR ensures that athletes can perform at their peak while reducing the risk of injuries.

Bellin-football pitch

We would like to extend our gratitude to the team at the football field FILIKON OF TRIPOLI for their collaboration and trust in our products. We look forward to continuing to support the growth and success of football in Greece and beyond.

In 2013, Bellinturf was awarded the FIFA Licensee and up to now the FIFA-certified pitches with Bellinturf football turf systems have been installed across six continents around the world, providing high-quality football turfs for schools, clubs, and communities. Bellinturf will consistently bring health and happiness to people, while also gradually contributing to the development of sports in the future.