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Bellin-football pitch in England achieved FIFA Quality certification

We are delighted to announce that our football field at Ashford United Football Club in England has been officially received FIFA Quality certification, utilizing our professional Bellin Diamond 60126 SBR system.

quality turf football field systems

Bellin Diamond 60126 SBR

With its special diamond fiber shape, the Bellin diamond system provides high resilience and super strength for high-level football games as well as offering excellent playability, player safety, and ball roll/speed/bounce characteristics. It helps to ensure that our players are playing at their highest level and that they are getting the most out of their playing experience.

FIFA football turf

This certification not only enhances the playing conditions at Ashford United Football Club but also significantly impacts the development of sports clubs in the region. By delivering a professional-quality pitch, we are aiding in improving the overall training and playing experience for the team, fostering their growth and success, which will further contribute to the development of local sports.

In 2013, Bellinturf was awarded the FIFA Licensee and up to now the FIFA-certified pitches with Bellinturf football turf systems have been installed across six continents around the world, providing high-quality football turfs for schools, clubs, and communities. Bellinturf will consistently bring health and happiness to people, while also gradually contributing to the development of sports in the future.