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How to clean up your turf after snow
How to clean up your turf after snow

Artificial grass does not need weeding and will not wither in autumn and winter. It is evergreen all the year round and only needs low-cost maintenance. More and more people choose to use artificial grass. How to maintain the lawn after snow in winter? Here are some suggestions and tips:

Bellinturf artificial grass company.png    Allow snow to melt naturally

If you have a thin layer of snow on your lawn, let it melt naturally. Usually, it is allowed to melt. If you want the snow to melt faster, you can pour warm water on the snow. If the temperature is below the freezing point, put some old cleaning towels or rags into the dryer to heat, and then put them on the snow. In addition, rock salt and chemicals are not recommended because they may damage grass fibers.

Bellinturf artificial grass company.png    Shovel with Caution

If you encounter a lot of snow, which will make it difficult to melt naturally, please shovel the snow carefully. It is recommended to use rubber scraper, snow blower or rotary brush. Do not use metal shovels because they are more likely to damage the fibers.

The snow removal time should be as close as possible to the race or before use to reduce the possibility of secondary snow. When using snow removal equipment, a height of 5-10mm should be reserved to prevent grass on the surface of the field from being damaged during snow removal. The remaining snow can wait for the sun to melt. 

Bellinturf artificial grass company.png    Tread carefully

Artificial grass has excellent properties, but extreme cold may cause the fiber to become brittle or slippery due to frost. When the weather drops below zero, you need to walk carefully on the lawn. And be careful not to cover the snow with objects or they may freeze together and be difficult to remove.

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