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How to clean up your turf after rain
How to clean up your turf after rain

Artificial grass maintenance during rainy season:

Bellinturf artificial grass company.png    Check the drainage system

Artificial grass is porous and can drain itself. The first thing you need to do is to check the drainage system. Improper water treatment may block the filler and may damage your artificial turf, so make sure the drainage system is good and will not accumulate water.

Bellinturf artificial grass company.png    Let the rainwater do the washing

If your artificial turf is laid correctly, its drainage performance is excellent. This means that you just let the rain wash it and flow away naturally. And it will thoroughly carry out all cleaning and washing, and then dry it properly naturally or using a dryer. In this way, you can let the rain wash your artificial grass when it pours down.

Bellinturf artificial grass company.png    Keep removing mud and soggy things

If food, cardboard or other things are left on the grass when it rains, it may become wet and eventually get stuck on the grass. At this time, you may need to use a blunt knife or other tools to help you completely remove the object.

If something like gum sticks to the lawn, you can effectively loosen it with warm water, soap or a mixture of water and vinegar. However, the best way is to take a look after the rain stops and remove all debris before it has a chance to dry and firmly fix anywhere.

Bellinturf artificial grass company.png    Brush it upright if needed

A period of heavy rain may make your artificial lawn look flat, and plants and grassland may be flattened by continuous heavy rain. Fortunately, once the rain stops, this can be solved very quickly and easily. You can use the soft brush for cleaning to brush the turf and make it easy enough to stand on its own.

By combing the artificial turf with a brush in this way, you can also ensure that it does not become disorganized over time and that the filler is not compacted. Just pay attention to any flat patches and fix them as soon as possible.

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