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Artificial grass daily maintenance
Artificial grass daily maintenance

Regular maintenance can guarantee the life span and performance of artificial turf, on the contrary, if the maintenance is not proper, it may seriously shorten the service life of the field, and even increase the potential safety hazards of sports and user. Therefore, the greater the intensity of field use is, the more field maintenance is needed. Suggestion for daily basic maintenance of artificial turf:

tb.png  Field clean

Clean up the field debris (leaves, crumbs, cigarette butts, garbage, yarn, plastic bags, etc.) after using field every day. In high strength area, check the displacement and loss of the granules.

Cleaning tools: soft brooms, rubber-protective rakes, portable blowers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

tb.png  Field carding

After the use of the field, check whether the uniform distribution of infill materials and the field flatness are affected. In high-intensity use areas, such as the restricted area of a football field, the infill amount may be reduced compared with other areas. In this case, the infill distribution can be more even through the comprehensive combing of the field including vertical and horizontal directions.

Carding method: For areas with poor flatness, the grass carder is used to comb laterally for one or two times starting from one end, and then longitudinally for one or two times until the field is flat enough to meet the use requirements.

In hot days, spraying or sprinkling water before use is recommended.

In order to reduce the temperature and dust of the grass, to remove static electricity, and improve the wear resistance and life span of the grass yarn, in hot summer weather, it is better to wet the field with appropriate amount of water before use.

tb.png  Stain removing

1.Blood- Remove with soap water, etc.

2.Oil stain- Try wiping by the use of a cloth with alcohol.

3. Gum-Try wiping by the use of a cloth with vinegar continuously until it is clean. It is recommended to use white vinegar for the effect will be better.

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