R&D Strength

Using Large-scale modernized equipments guarantees the accurate production and stable&fast delivery.

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Professional R & D Team

Bellinturf professional technical research and development team is the guarantee to make continuous progress in the artificial turf manufacturing process. Only the continuous improvement of technology and product performance can meet the ever more demanding needs of customers. Bellinturf technical research and development center has more than 100 professional engineers, involving the development of technology, process and quality engineering, equipment and devices as well as professional products designs. All engineers cooperate together from yarn, tufting and coating of the whole process, from raw material selection, formula and processing technology to research how to satisfy the performance requirements including UV resistance, wear resistance, flame retardancy, ball rebound and ball roll to ensure that by improving technology we have continuous improvement of product performance to ensure compliance with heath and safety standards as well as more ecofriendly GREEN products.
In order to ensure our continuous innovation in technical research and development, Bellinturf regularly holds technical seminars with colleges and universities, and more and more industry experts are also continuously joining us, which has enhanced our technical research and development strength.

The data of Bellinturf ball roll can meet FIFA quality (4m-10m) and  FIFA quality pro (4m-8m).

Ball Roll

Bellinturf can meet FIFA quality (27Nm- 48Nm) and FIFA quality pro (32Nm-43Nm), providing safety  performance for athletes.

Rotational Resistance

Bellinturf provide excellent ball rebound behaviour and can meet FIFA quality (0.6m-1m)  and FIFA quality pro (0.6m-0.85m).

Vertical Ball Rebound

Bellinturf  angled ball rebound can meet FIFA quality (45%-80%) and FIFA quality  pro (45%-80%), provide professional playing characterisrics.


According to FIFA quality (57%-68%) and FIFA quality  pro (62%-68%), Bellinturf system can provide quite good shock  absorption properties.

Shock Absorption

Bellinturf system vertical deformation ranges can meet FIFA  quality (6mm-11mm) and FIFA quality pro (6mm-10mm),  providing optimum playing surfaces.

Vertical Deformation

According to FIFA standard, tuft withdrawal force requires ≥40N at 70 ℃ and also after 336 hours immersion in water, Bellinturf meets and sets much higher tuft lock standards for sport turf systems.

Tuft Withdrawal Force

● Powerful UV Defence
● Grey Scale“4-5”score
● Designed for strong sunlight area

UV Stability

Quality Inspection

In order to ensure the transformation of technical research and development results, Bellinturf's production equipment and testing equipment and devices are purchased from Germany, Britain, the United States top brand equipment suppliers. High-end and high-quality equipment ensure the accurate and stable technology implementation, more accurate quality testing, and higher production efficiency, to guarantee the product quality.