Mission and Vission

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Health, safety, and the environment(HSE) is the focus and target of the artificial turf industry, and is also the ultimate standard of all products.

There are currently two major threats to the industry relating to environmental concerns, one being the lack of credible solutions for the disposal of old sports fields and the other relating to the contribution of turf to micro-plastic pollution. Health and safety is another longstanding threat and it is focused on the SBR infill. A latent threat to the industry is the historic use of lead chromate pigments in yarn. Another major threat facing artificial turf producers is the focus of companies to compete with each other on price rather than on service and quality.

Bellinturf is dedicated to solve all the above mentioned threats and challenges. Our mission is to provide the world with a healthier, safer, and more environmental-friendly artificial turf. "Make sports more splendid and the world more beautiful". Regarding sports, "Faster, Higher, and Stronger" is the Olympic motto that we pursue. We are committed to providing athletes with more professional products and services, so that athletes feel more comfortable, to make sports more wonderful. For non-sports applications, we follow the natural concept of environmental protection, colorful and freedom, challenge every detail of research and development, production, quality and service, give life to every yarn, make the nature and the world active, and make the world a more beautiful place.

Bellinturf will make every effort to pursue legendary professional quality, provide excellent services to realize our company vision, which is to create hundreds of years of the Bellinturf brand.