How to Install and Maintain Artificial Turf?

Learn about the key points of artificial grass installation and maintenance, and how to use the product correctly to create more value.

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Turf installation

Sports field installation

Prepare and test the base ground

Measuring line

Move turf roll to field

Lay out turf roll

Cutting the edge

Glue and joint side of turf

Cutting white line

Inlaying white line

Check the point and line

Infill silica sand

Infill rubber granules

Brush grass

Paving Manual



Let the grass stretch to original  size naturally by spreading it out  one day in advance.


Cut the grass according to the shape  of the site.


Lay the Easy tape under grass, Try  to keep the grass seam in the center  of the joint belt.


Spread the glue evenly on the Easytape and the grass needs to be bond together(generally 10-30 minutes after gluing with 80%-90% dryness, and no obviously sticky touched by hands).


Joint-gluing shall be applied between the Easytape and the foundation surface layer to ensure the bonding effect of two adjacent grass.


Combing the fallen grass after the  whole site of grass was bonded  together.

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