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Cool Grass

Cool Grass

Bellinturf Cool grass is a good choice for residential and landscaping application, especially in high temperature and radiation areas. Like all Bellinturf turf products, it is safe for children and pet friendly. Thanks to its brilliant temperature reduction capability, Bellinturf Cool grass makes any outdoor activities a very cool and pleasant experience!
Design Concept

By adopting unique manufacturing technique,which enables more reflection of sunlight,Bellinturf Cool's surface temperature surface is significantly lower than ordinary artificial turf. According to experimental data, under same environment, surface temperature of Bellinurf Cool is 20% less than other ordinary artificial turf. 

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Product Description
The outdoor temperature in strong sunlight areas with higher horizontal irradiance often gets very high, especially when summer comes, it’s no secret that the ground temperature becomes much higher.
In hot summer months, surface of artificial turf is often very hot, pets feel uncomfortable and even get hurt if they touch the very hot surface. With series testing and research development, Bellinturf successfully designed Bellinturf Cool Grass, made of special heat reflective cooling technology, could achieve a good cooling effect, thus families and pets can enjoy rest and amuse in comfortable conditions even in hottest days.
Ordinary artificial turf heating rate is very fast, the temperature stabilizes after 10mins, reaches above 95℃, while cooling artificial turf is warming relatively slower, after 15mins the temperature is stable, only at about 78℃.
Ordinary artificial turf after the irradiation of infrared heating lamp for 35mins, the temperature reaches 103℃, while the cooling artificial turf after infrared heating lamp irradiation, temperature reaches only about 80℃. Therefore, Bellinturf Cool’ surface temperature is lower than that of the ordinary turf surface by about 23℃, cooling rate is about 22.
Testing Standard 

Test Standard

Refer to ASTM D4803-2010

Test Tool

FLIR Thermal Infrared Imager,250W Infrared Heat Lamp. 

Test  Method

Use a 250W infrared heating lamp to simulate sunlight on the lawn. Use FLIR infrared thermograph to monitor and record the temperature variation on the surface of the lawn and compare it



                                     Experimental Method                                                                                                                              Experimental Data Graph




Product Specification
Turf Name: Bellinturf Cool 45           Turf Name: Bellinturf Cool 40
Pile Height: 45mm                             Pile Height: 40mm
Face Weight: 1.77kg/sqm                  Face Weight: 1.918kg/sqm
Coating: Polyurethane                       Coating: SBR Latex
Turf Characteristics
● Heat resistance durability
● 5000 hours of anti-Ultraviolet Rays
● More significant temperature reduction capability- at least by 15%
● First choice for strong sunlight areas
Perfect for applications
Playground, Pet Grass, Backyard/front yard, Public park, municipality, etc..
Cool Grass


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