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Latest FIFA certified fields of Bellinturf

Author: qinghe Time: 2020-01-13 11:42:37

Bellinturf is proud to see that more and more FIFA certificated sports fields have been installed through Asia, Europe, and South America recently which shows the recognition of product quality from our customers.

About Latest FIFA Fields:
Lapangan Sepak Bola TNI AU in Indonesia; Kallithea of Pylos in Greece; Estadio Manuela. Adria De Juliaca in Peru; Tapanila in Finland.
Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial CO. , Ltd
About Bellinturf FIFA Products
Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial CO. , Ltd
Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial CO. , Ltd
Bellin-Evoluation is specially designed for football turf providing resilience and strength at the same time. Compared to conventional turf fiber, it has   exceptional split resistance with excellent performance of the sporting surface in terms of ball roll, ball bounce, resistance, and sliding friendliness.
 Features as follows:
 -Long-term performance
 -Exceptional split resistance
 -High resilience
 -Sliding friendly
 -Natural look
 -Great to play on
Bellin Dual 50123U adopts two mixed yarns with different yarn shapes and PU coating with higher performance of environmental protection compared to conventional coating.
Features as follows:
-Excellent wear resistance and upright persistence
-Natural-looking with a plump and softer haptic grass surface
-Outstanding ball/surface interaction
-Pass through both FIFA QUALITY and FIFA QUALITY PRO standards
Bellinturf FIFA certified turf systems have incomparable playing properties meeting the requirements of FIFA for football turf like ball roll, vertical and angled ball rebound, rotational resistance, shock absorption, and deformation which are increasingly applied to the professional matches as well as football clubs satisfying diversified and complex needs of all levels of play.
Bellinturf sport grass is designed for all kinds of sports surfacing and it's very popular with customers all over the world by its ultimate playability, durability, and warranty. A good sports turf system with excellent performance ensures athletics to perform better during the competition and protect them as well. As the FIFA and FIH certified manufacturer, Bellinturf products always meet and exceed the highest standards of performance and quality for high-level sports.
About Bellinturf:
As a professional artificial grass manufacturer with over 10+ years of experience certificated both by FIFA and FIH, Bellinturf always offers the incomparable synthetic turf with extra-ordinary playing properties which can satisfy the diverse and complex needs of different sports, meanwhile, provides solutions and design services, installation guidance for all surfacing sports systems including not only football, hockey but also tennis and other multifunctional sports.