FIFA Certificate

As a FIFA-licensed manufacturer, Bellinturf has been installing FIFA certified football turf pitch throughout Europe, Asia, America, Africa and so on.

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What is FIFA quality programme?

The FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf operates a licensing scheme for companies who are committed to quality football turf and who fulfil a set of stringent requirements. Only those companies operating under the FIFA Quality Programme are eligible to obtain certification for their football turf installations.

Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial CO. , Ltd

What is the requirements to become a FIFA licensee?

ISO 9001 certificate or equivalent
Evidence that the company is a tufting company
3 IATS tested fields, plus two additional field references
Maintenance guidelines
Reference of a qualified civil engineer
Product declaration (for the products used at the IATS tested fields)
Method statement (for the installation of the 3 IATS tested fields)
Business plan covering the company’s intention as a FQP licensee

Bellinturf Field certificates all over the world